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Vinyl record wall clock

Queen Clocks offers an amazing collection of vinyl wall clocks standing out for their unhackneyed design and stylish look. These fancy clocks are made from recycled vinyl records combining modern style and some historic touch that recalls the old legendary days of music industry. If you are looking for a custom interior item to express your lifestyle and individual preferences, a vinyl wall clock of a unique design is just a great idea for decorating interiors that features various modern styles.
Moreover, an exclusive vinyl record clock is an exciting gift for a family member, friend, colleague, partner or boss regardless of their gender and age – you just need to choose a vinyl record wall clock of suitable design depending on their personal preferences. It is an easy way to buy a wonderful gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding or any other event, since you are free to choose a desirable design from a wide variety of themes and patterns. Even if you have no ideas of what to choose right now, we are sure you will be inspired by our collection and you will find a special vinyl record clock both for you and your friends.

What Is a Record Wall Clock from Queen Clocks?

For manufacturing our clocks we use old vinyl records – these are original records released 25-50 years ago. This authentic touch makes each of our vinyl wall clock a vintage interior item having its own history, while providing a modern design. Besides, offering vinyl record clocks for sale, Queen Clocks meets present-day eco-friendly requirements, recycling old vinyl records and giving them new lease on life, while contributing to environmental protection. When you buy our vinyl record clock, you join our effort to preserve history of the world music industry and to contribute to environmental improvement.

All our record clocks come in a 12” Long Play format, so it will be easy for you to plan a scheme of how to arrange your wall decoration depending on your needs. A vinyl record wall clock blends perfectly with many interior styles like constructivism, minimalism, avant-garde, hi-tech, fusion, eclecticism, Scandinavian style, loft or contemporary. A stylish vinyl record clock will easily find its place in the kitchen, living room, children’s room or bedroom of a modern house or apartment, while our fancy designs offer plenty of exciting ideas about decoration in commercial premises.

Various patterns are engraved on the surface of the vinyl record clocks with the help of professional cutting, which ensures accuracy and preciseness of cutting down to the smallest detail. This adds an impeccable aesthetic look to any vinyl wall clock, blending with its unusual form and complex design. No rough edges or uncut details – each record wall clock is carefully treated to make it a real piece of art. A printed sticker picturing clock gears is placed on the front of a record wall clock to decorate it and to hide the original label.

To make a vinyl record wall clock accurate and silent, we use a high-quality quartz mechanism that provides quiet operation and high precision. No loud and irritating ticking, but then flawless operation – a vinyl wall clock from Queen Clocks features a reliable mechanism and easy mounting. You only need to drive a screw into your wall and then to mount your record wall clock using a special fixture on the rear of the clock. One AA battery is required to make your vinyl record wall clock tick smoothly.

Choosing a Vinyl Record Wall Clock Design

We sale stylish interior design items available in more than 1000 patterns, not to mention the fact that your vinyl wall clock can feature a really unique custom design. You can order any changes to existing design aiming to add some personal touch to your vinyl record clock or to make it more suitable for serving as an exclusive gift. Also, you are welcome to send an image your vinyl wall clock to be decorated with and we will make one-of-a-kind carving to bring your creative ideas to life. You may choose any colors or accessories to customize your order. Try your hand at vinyl record clock design to create a special piece of art for you or your friends. Feel free to contact us in that respect via our website form or email.

However, our vinyl record wall clock collection offers a rich selection of interior design items and a well-structured and customer friendly catalogue. You can choose a vinyl record wall clock depending on your preferred theme:

  • Music – choose a vinyl wall clock picturing recognizable features of your favorite music group or singer.
  • Games – let the iconic Super Mario or extremely popular Final Fantasy 7 characters decorate your walls and amuse your friends.
  • Movies and Shows – find a vinyl record wall clock with your fancied movie, cartoon or TV show characters to express your personal preferences, while decorating your home.
  • Sports and Hobby – convey your passion for cats or dogs, climbing or fishing, Audi or Volkswagen, London or Paris or whatever you are passionate about through a stylish record wall clock. Some of these items are just perfect for commercial premises, for example for a barbershop or car dealership.
  • For Kids – make your children really happy by presenting them a vinyl record wall clock with their favorite movie, cartoon or game characters like Winnie the Pooh, Batmen or Minions. You can choose a vinyl wall clock for a boy or a girl of any age.

There are a number of other designs that don’t fall into the above-mentioned catalogue sections, but provide even wider choice for a customer searching for a designer vinyl record wall clock. And we go on with expanding the range of our unique interior items, offering new and unique designs and following the freshest trends.

How to Order?

To improve your shopping experience, we offer convenient search options allowing you to find a suitable vinyl record wall clock sorting items by prices, categories, popularity or newness. Each of our products has its description, including vinyl clock weight and dimensions, which is necessary for shipping, as well as a range of product images available for zooming. It is specified for each of our vinyl wall clock whether the item is available in stock or on backorder. Also, we are currently working on collecting and publishing customers’ reviews to make choosing a vinyl clock in our shop even faster and easier.

Once you have chosen a vinyl record clock, add it to your cart and then continue your shopping or go to the cart to submit your order. When viewing your cart, you can check products’ availability, quantity and prices, as well as apply a coupon to get a discount and to learn a standard shipping fee. To find out the precise shipping fee depending on your shipping address, click the Calculate Shipping button and enter your shipping address. You can use our Shipping Map to learn how long it will take to deliver your vinyl record wall clock to your location.

We provide fast international shipping from one of two our warehouses located both in the United States and in Europe. If you complete your order for a vinyl clock before midday, it will be shipped on the same business day. Tracking number is provided. If you need express shipping, we will be glad to discuss this in details: please, contact us via our website form or email.

To complete your order, you need to enter your billing details and then proceed to PayPal, which is our preferred payment method. However, you can pay for your vinyl record clock with your credit card or choose other payment method: please, contact us to discuss your preferences.

When we get your order, we will carefully pack your record wall clock to ensure its safety throughout the transportation process. If your item is damaged or you are not satisfied with it for any other reason, please, contact us and learn our return policy. Full refund including your return postage expenses or replacement at our expense is guaranteed in case the return is resulted from a faulty vinyl clock. We accept vinyl clock returns for up to 30 days from the purchase date, but make sure you return the item in its original package.

If you want to order a custom vinyl wall clock, you need to contact us, submitting your comments on the desired pattern, color or accessory. You are required to pay in advance for your custom clock design after completing the order. Then you will get a preview of your custom clock design and after its approval we will manufacture your vinyl record wall clock within several days. On the same business day we will ship it to your specified address while providing its tracking number.

12 Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Record Clock from Queen Clocks

  • Edgy record wall clock collection both for gifts and interior design
  • Stunning choice of about 1000 stylish designs based on various themes
  • Custom vinyl wall clock design is available: based on existing patterns or unique
  • Excellent quality: each of our vinyl wall clock features double-sided protection of its surfaces, while professional cutting provides top accuracy
  • Convenient search options by categories, price, popularity
  • Fast and easy vinyl record clock ordering
  • We accept PayPal, other payment options are available upon request
  • Fast worldwide record wall clock shipping
  • Fast same business day shipping
  • Express shipping is discussable
  • Affordable prices for an exclusive vinyl record wall clock
  • Full refund or replacement is guaranteed if a customer is not 100% satisfied with his/her vinyl wall clock

How a Vinyl Record Wall Clock Is Manufactured?

There is a number of ways to transform an old vinyl album into a distinctive piece of art. The most high-tech is to use laser cutting, which is a time-saving, precise and quite toilless method. As a first step, you need to create a layout for your vinyl record clock and then to load it to a computerized and numerically controlled laser cutter. After that, you need only to set the necessary temperature and speed rates, insert a vinyl record and then specify the starting point for laser to start cutting the desired pattern. Technically, the process takes several minutes, except for the time spent for the layout development. However, when a vinyl record is processed with laser, some hazardous substances are evolved, damaging both mechanical parts of the laser cutter and operators.

It is safer and more environment friendly to manufacture a record wall clock using other tools like some kind of rotary tools, electric drills or jigsaw power tools. Some do-it-yourselfers manage to create simple record wall clock designs using just ordinary dress-making scissors. In fact, the choice depends on your personal preferences, DIY skills and availability of the tools. Many craftsmen tried various tools before they were able to choose the best option. If you want to make a vinyl wall clock on your own, start with the easiest tool for you and then try other options.

Though cutting with drills and jigsaws requires much time and effort (especially when it comes to sophisticated wall clock designs), it provides rather high accuracy in the hands of a skilled craftsman. But anyway the hand cutting requires further processing aimed to make cut edges of a vinyl record clock smoother. For this purpose, needle files or sandpaper may be used – just carefully file the wall clock edges until their smooth enough.

When the technical part of record clock manufacturing is over, you need to assemble your piece of work by installing a clock mechanism and adding clock hands. Use a quality quartz clock mechanism featuring quiet operation – you can take it from your old clock or purchase in a DIY store. Also, you may need some fancy clock hands for a unique vinyl record wall clock (clock hands can be cut out of vinyl record, too). In addition, you can decorate your vinyl clock with stickers or other accessories using appropriate glue for PVC.

As you can see, anyone can make a stunning vinyl clock having some time and desire. But if you want to get a professionally crafted piece of art, just choose a record clock in our store and very soon you will enjoy this designer interior item in your home.